What is Restructuring & Turnaround?

Restructuring and Turnaround is the management and delivery of change within a business or organisation with the primary objective of protecting the business and ensuring its long-term future and prosperity.

It can cover a number of situations including:

  • Short-term solutions such as adapting the way in which products and services are delivered by a business or introducing a new financing line
  • Project management of a particular project or issue that may be faced
  • Distressed or insolvent solutions involving the preparation of a contingency strategy or the implementation of an acquisition or disposal of a business or an asset through an accelerated M&A process or via a formal procedure
  • Effective communication of how the change is to impact on the business and its various stakeholders.

Our Services

When faced with a restructuring or turnaround scenario, you need an experienced practitioner. We appreciate that it can be a stressful time in implementing change at the same time as running the underlying business.

We have experience of acting for the full range of stakeholders and what their expectations are when faced with a restructuring and turnaround scenario. This can be vital and can make a significant difference between a successful restructuring and one which does not meet its objectives.

Our services include advising on the issues that arise in a restructuring (whether that be business-led or lender-led), advising and implementing restructuring strategies and contingency planning, acquisition and disposal services, advising on banking and finance issues and advising companies, directors, advisors and stakeholders on their rights and obligations in effecting change through a restructuring.

We have the flexibility of working with our clients during a period of restructuring or turnaround whether that be on a project basis or as part of a general retainer. We have experience of working on-site with our clients which is a distinct advantage when a time critical project needs to be completed.